Basic Vision for a dignified life in ONE world in diversity:
Priority to child-centred early high quality education for age 3 to ~12.

Conscious that ALL is interconnected through the inner nucleus of all
that exists through an all encompassing divine SPIRIT, we human
beings have the freedom and face a challenge to co-create a balance which

  1. protects and preserves the grown and naturally developing creation
  2. enables peaceful loving COMMUNITY of people, capable to lead a life in dignity, in solidarity and social structures which are defined by the “golden rule”;
  3. allows all people to benefit from the fruits of research and creative productivity -according to their engagements and efforts – in an open, fair and efficient way.

The legal framework for such a balance should be a global Eco-social Market Economy.

Preconditions for the success in co-creating such a peaceful world in balance are an advanced consciousness and the possibility to acquire the capabilities which are needed to actively take part in the global village. Such capabilities grow since before birth under the influence of loving parents and of conscious early childhood development, like in Montessori preschools – followed at least by primary education which promotes self-motivated learning in its variety.

It is a duty of society to create a safe juridical framework and to provide the starting chances for the individual development of all human beings in the framework of their cultures.

The collective responsibility of society for the shaping of the path of life and for the related “success” of the individual ends with the age when he/she can individually make use of his/her earlier acquired capabilities in the framework of the structures where he/she lives – therefore earliest after a period of high quality early and primary education. Depending on the quality and the child-centered structuring and the duration of primary education, student-centered secondary school should also be considered to be a public duty of society – always maintaining the priority of the earlier years.

Continuing higher and specializing education could and should, however, at least be co-created and – if possible – co-financed by those sections of society who also have an interest in such specialization. This includes publicly supported higher education of general interest for society – especially basic research in new fields of science without an immediate commercial purpose. In principle, every human being is, however, self-responsible for his or her path into higher education – provided he/she had a chance to acquire sufficient intellectual and practical capabilities to be free to structure his/her own life.

As long as framework-conditions which are needed for individual human development and for basic social security are not yet created and functioning – especially as long as there is no high quality early- and primary-education system accessible for everyone – an individual and collective responsibility in solidarity is needed towards those people who were not able to acquire the intellectual and practical capabilities to shape their path of life, due to circumstances beyond their power, i.e. illness or other ill fate. In any case, we must invest more resources, human energy and wisdom into providing good starting chances in life for all children – through LOVE and early child-centred education !

Principles, guidelines and strategies in the work of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation:

  1. – TRANSPARENCY of all goals, plans and activities.
  2. – SUBSIDIARITY – meaning priority for the smallest unit,
  3. – PARTICIPATION of all who wish to further develop,
  4. – EMPOWERMENT of all who feel to have no power,
  5. – CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT of all self-help structures,
  6. – OWNERSHIP of all initiatives for those who are developing,
  7. – SUSTAINABILITY of all measures to preserve nature,
  8. – RESPECT FOR CULTURAL DIVERSITY – as long as grown cultural values
    do not conflict with basic human rights.

Basic truth: The whole – all – develops towards ONEness through learning. Also true: Nobody, nothing can BE developed. All develops from inside out and from below to above. – This does not contradict the other reality: “A staircase must be cleaned from top to bottom”.

We predominantly need qualitative growth in integrating spiritual guidance and rationality through compassion and action for ONE world in diversity, for a world in balance.

Peter Hesse – October 2012