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Small seed, BIG TREE.

I met Stephanie Kane in 1996, in Dakar, Senegal. She had a school consisting of a kindergarten and a primary school. She heard that I was training teachers and setting-up preschools in Haiti, and she approached me to help her convert her kindergarten from the traditional method into a Montessori school. Last week I visited the school for the first time since 1996.  I was happy to see that because of Stephanie’s enthusiasm for, and belief in education, the preschool section has grown from 60 children to 200 children, and the entire school has grown to include high school as well. I left a little seed and came back to find a big tree.

The Peter Hesse Foundation will assist Madame Kane with technical support and teacher training for her Montessori pre-school.

It was nice to be back. I am looking forward to more trips to give guidance and training to the Montessori teachers there. 

Carol Guy-James