Activities of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation in 2013 in the Ivory Coast:
The Peter-Hesse-Foundation continued to support the budding Montessori community in the Ivory Coast. In 2008, the Foundation had funded the first Montessori school, with the goal of empowering cocoa growing households to increase educational opportunities, while reducing the prevalence of child labor on cocoa plantations. 23 teachers have been trained and 4 preschools have been started by the graduates.
In 2013 the Foundation purchased land for a permanent school which would improve the quality of education in the cocoa farming community and provided support to the pioneer schools.

Land for a permanent Montessori school in Abengourou, Ivory Coast

The Montessori preschool in Abengourou, Ivory Coast, acquired a piece of land for the purpose of constructing a school. This will mean a permanent home for the Montessori preschool, started in 2008.
Financed by the Peter Hesse Foundation, the school started as an initiative to improve the quality of education in cocoa farming communities through early childhood education and teacher training.
So far, the school has been operating in rented premises. The school will continue to operate in rented premises until a school building is constructed (this will happen as funds permits). The land, however is a great start in making the school permanent. A permanent school will bring us closer to the goal of empowering cocoa households to increase educational opportunities, while reducing the prevalence of child labor on cocoa plantations.

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Extract of 4 chapters from VISION WORKS…, 2008, by Peter Hesse
– (pages 315 to 325 in the book) – 6 pages PDF.

On the way to Africa
– containing these subtitles:
– Montessori – the trainable method
– Reaching for Africa and beyond
– Early learning – a basic solution 

Carol reports form Africa:

13 more Montessori teachers for Abengourou, Ivory Coast.

On Friday 4th May, 13 student teachers graduated the Montessori training course in Abengourou, Ivory Coast. This is the second promotion of teachers to persevere to the finish line in the war-torn country. A total of 23 teachers from both promotions are now the pioneers of the Montessori Method which emphasizes peace, and teaches children to work alongside each other in harmony. Qualities that would certainly be beneficial for the country. Although it is a small step in what is needed, three new pre-schools will open in the coming academic year by our graduates, one in Abengourou, one in Bouaké and another in Yamoussoukro.

Photos from the first Montessori pre-school of the CENTRE MONTESSORI of the Ivory Coast of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation in Abengourou, Ivory Coast.

Montessori in Côte d’Ivoire – 9 March 2010

Carol Guy-James Barratt, the Foundation’s Montessori project-coordinator, will be in our Montessori teacher training center in Côte d’Ivoire from March 20 until the end of the March. She will be accompanied by Willande Dorlus-Antoine, one of our Haitian teachers. Willande will spend the next three months in the Ivory Coast, training the African students who are working towards their Montessori diplomas.

Before the earthquake Willande worked in the Montessori school in Kenskoff, Haiti. She also assisted in the teacher training center in the destroyed house in Rue Clermont, and attended Quisqueya University, pursuing a bachelor-degree in education – a study paid for by the Foundation. She has one year in which to complete her degree, after which time she would teach Montessori education courses at the University – as it was planned before the earthquake. These courses will be offered as a major in the education degree program at the University thus fulfilling the Foundation’s long-term strategy to reinforce Montessori teaching in Haiti – if the University will be repaired and reopened in a not too far future.

Problems in Haiti did not interfere with finalizing the first Montessori teacher-training in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa in June 2010. The graduation ceremony took place on the 25th of June 2010 with great fanfare.

These teachers are the first to graduate from the “Centre Montessori d’Abengourou” in an initiative started by the Peter-Hesse-Foundation in 2008. The “Centre Montessori d’Abengourou” operates a model preschool where student-teachers can gain practical experience with children.

This preschool is also the first Montessori preschool in Ivory Coast. Next year the Foundation will open two preschools and will continue to open more schools as other teachers graduate the program – funds permitting. We use the photos of these two Montessori children for the first section pages in our renewed homepage. They may well have been from one of our Haiti project-schools.