Peter-Hesse-Foundation –
engagement for children

“Solidarity in partnership for a world in diversity”

This is our guiding principle and motivation for our actions. For many years we have been supporting and providing early childhood education in countries affected by poverty, such as Haiti or the Ivory Coast.

Our motive: Everything in life develops through learning. It is the basis for decisions that we make and determines how we change the world. Learning is particularly relevant in countries with high levels of poverty and a lack of education.

Our Foundation for Children supports and invests in education. As part of our Montessori projects, we train teachers who then pass on their knowledge and give children a good start in life. It is a give and take to impart the skills needed for peaceful coexistence and a dignified life.

We appreciate your interest in our Foundation for Children and would like to present the Peter Hesse Foundation and our projects to you on this website.

Since we depend on donations for our work, we are happy about every contribution. Thanks a lot!


for a dignified life in ONE world in diversity

Promoting early childhood education for lifelong learning

Holistic development through solidarity

Solidarity in Partnership for a diverse and peaceful world

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